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Sanitary book design, the extension

Personal medical book or health book is a document, which is a sign of the health of the employee, which is associated with activity in the public service, and other types of works requiring periodic medical examinations.

Today the sanitary (medical) owner in Kiev, as well as in other cities of Ukraine is issued to all working in order, provided for by the legislation. First medical book to start in order, in order to safeguard the work and to prevent occupational disease.Owner medical displays the results of the doctors examinations, laboratory, and x-ray studies, information about vaccinations and various markers of infectious diseases.

In additionmed owner also displays the results of the exams on the sanitary minimum and, of course, the conclusion of the doctor about access to work. The medical book is the result of a full list of required examinations, examinations of medical specialists, tests, which was established by the Ministry of health. In the case, when this document is missing, the employer has every right, to prevent his employee to his usual duties.. If the employee is allowed to perform his duties without a medical examination, the employer and his subordinate take full responsibility, which is provided by the legislation of Ukraine. The owner of medical always be under the control of the sanitary-epidemiological service, which controls the timeliness of the compulsory medical examination. The time of passing of such commissions entirely dependent on human life and shall be determined exclusively by the Ministry of health.

Medical examination health books depends on your profession and is performed only in the case, if your profession or place of work to this oblige.
Making health books can be of two types: primary (1 time all the time) or re (every half a year), the price on physical examination may vary. For further information on your specific case, please specify the information on the phone: (098) 121-32-32 or through our contacts.

The result of the bacteriological examination are valid 1 year.

Personal medical records should have all the people, working:

  1. In the food industry;
  2. At the enterprises of public catering and trade (stores, table, cafe, restaurants, pharmacies and other);
  3. At the enterprises of water supply facilities;
  4. In medical, preschool and educational institutions;
  5. On the objects of communal services;
  6. People, professional activity that the legislation provides for the holding of examinations at receipt for work and periodic medical examinations in the future.

Personal sanitary book you can get: stand in a queue in clinics, paying a lot of money for examination and testing in private clinics or we can issue you a personal medical record quickly and without any questions.

The price of health examinations for personal health books:

Today to pass a medical examination in the city polyclinic has become a problem for the average person. Before each office need to stand in a queue, and if you look at the time in which doing tests, we can see that it is convenient only for hospital staff, but not for their visitors. And for the exam on the sanitary minimum is allocated only a certain one day a week for all. In the end, the medical book Kiev is one, and then two weeks.

But at the present time people know, that time is money, so I don't want to lose him for nothing. Everyone has a choice, and one of them is to buy a medical book Kiev in private companies.

Fortunately we have you can do it much faster, it is only our company to take care of each person, which appealed to us. With us You quickly and efficiently complete your medical book, pass all professionals and will do the necessary tests without the fuss and queues. And it will spend only one day in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Our managers will answer your questions.

Our firm are people of various professions such as: the waiters, sellers, drivers, teachers, students, nanny, barbers and people of other professions.Health book Kiev, buy you can have, is the key to a healthy and legitimate work. Only our clinic will allow physicians to circumvent state institutions and tests without any problems. We try to give homely atmosphere for those, who are drawn to us.

We are always happy to help everyone and on any subject!

In fact, every employee should treat examinations very seriously, after all, they can help prevent many diseases. So do not lose your time and buy care book Kiev to

The issue price?

Our company will help with the registration of an official medical book of a new sample for six months, on either year Only for200 USD. If your employer requires you to provide a health book with an insert (medical record with all doctors, analyzes, fluorography and wet seals), we are also ready to prepare it for you in just350 UAH.

What you need to order medical certificate?

All, what You need to do to start our cooperation – это заполнить онлайн-заявление прямо на сайте или связаться с менеджером по указанному номеру телефона. После завершения срока действия медицинской книжки или справки флюорографии, Вы можете снова оформить медицинскую справку по флюорографии у нас. Доставка осуществляется Новой почтой, наложенным платежом за счет получателя. Вы можете прийти на отделение и сделать обзор медицинской справки флюорографии. Если медицинская справка флюорографии соответствует всем требованиям, then you will need to make a payment. It is worth noting, our organization is ready to provide a medical certificate fluoroscopy inexpensive. Therefore it is necessary to request a medical certificate fluoroscopy with delivery to Ukraine on our website.

medical record,медкнижка купить,medical book,медицинская medical book to buyical book is,санкнижка,price list,the book is


  • only official forms;
  • only doctors, that really work, medical books;
  • honey. (sanitary) owner, we have obtained, official inspection and she is not afraid of;
  • if you want to, deliver urgent;
  • very reasonable prices;
  • need several books? — Discount is provided to You!