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To issue a medical / sanitary book on the official hologram form

Form No. 1-OMK "Special person medychne owner"or LMK "Personal medical book"is an official medical document for work in Ukraine, contains information about the implementation of mandatory preventive medical examinations of workers and students in particular professions, industries and organizations, activities involve service to the community and may lead to the spread of infectious diseases.

A properly executed health books – controlled procedure, and her absence threatens with severe punishment, including criminal liability. To sanknizhka you can officially – by contacting conventional or private clinic for medical examination. But if you need to make a medical book urgently and cheaply, - then we offer a different option, eliminating bureaucratic red tape, hassle and long hospital lines.

Why you should come to us:

  • we work in quarantine and at any time of the year;
  • the original forms with the hologram;
  • new official uniform sample 2021;
  • fast - up to 2 working days;
  • without unnecessary visits to clinics and queues;
  • our customers are always satisfied (reviews about us);
  • extended medical book with insert (full list of doctors and tests).

Form No. 1-OMK “special person Medychne Owner”

Since April 23, 2013, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has ordered honey. companies use of medical books new sample. On the outside (facial) side of the specified name. and pasted the photo size 3x4 cm. On the area photo print not placed. Inside there is a stamp and signature of the chief physician, medical institution seal and stamp.

Medical book worth to those people, which contact with food (seller, cook, the waiter, бармен, barista, etc.), have beauty treatments, work in hospitals, busy food production, teachers, educators, students of the above professions, etc..


In General, med-book is necessary in all areas of employment activities, where employees have contact with people and can affect the health of the population. Their exact list approved at the legislative level.

Clearance medical books be sure in those cases, when employees are involved:

— at the enterprises of food industry, catering and trade;
— enterprises of water supply facilities;
— production, transportation, storage and realization of medicines;
— preschool, medical and educational institutions;
— household and communal services;
— cosmetic and medical services;
— other industry, which includes carrying out mandatory preventive medical examinations.

The INSTRUCTION on filling of forms of primary registration documentation No. 1-OMK:

1. This instruction defines the procedure for filling the forms of primary accounting documentation "Personal medical record" No. 1 LMK (further – form No. 1-OMK).

2. Form No. 1-OMK is given to a person in the absence of contraindications for practising the relevant activity.

3. Form No. 1-OMK is filled by an official medical Committee of the healthcare institution.

4. On the cover page of form 1-OMK surname, name and patronymic of the inspected person. Glued Photo 3×4 cm.

4.1. Clause 1 indicates the full name of the enterprise, where the person works Viewed.

4.2. In paragraph 2, the name fit the profession and the nature of work performed in accordance with the the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 23 may 2001, No. 559 "On approval of the list of professions, industries and organizations, workers are subject to compulsory preventive medical examinations, arrangements for these inspections and the issuance of personal medical books ".

4.3. In paragraph 3, the number is put down, a month, year following a medical examination.

4.4. Clause 4 indicates the full name of the health care institution, where was the medical examination.

4.5. In paragraph 5, the number is put down, a month, year medical examination.

4.6. Form No. 1-OMK is signed by the head and certified by the seal of the healthcare institution.

Original or fake?

We use the original forms of the new sample, which are not available for sale. Form a health book – a document of strict accountability. The medical card contains threads, which can be seen under UV – detector or enlighten the sun. Also each form has a hologram. You get the completed document with seals and signatures of doctors Kiev medical institutions.

What is the cost of registration of the Medical Book?

At the moment we have low price care book. The cost of registration varies from 200 UAH (without liner) up to UAH 350, it's really not expensive! For ordinary Ukrainians, this is a great solution, as for the price, and time, after all, in order to go through all the doctors and pass all the tests, you will need to spend not one day. But this time can be spent on household chores, family, or other, more important issues, get them, a medical book we will do.


  • Med-book new sample WITHOUT liner - 200 USD;
  • The medical card new sample with liner (full list of analyzes, doctors + fluorography) on half-year 320 UAH, on either Year 350 UAH.
  • Fill in personal data for the patient - +50 hryvnias.

P.S. Shipping cost in price not includes.

* Also, you are guaranteed get discount for writing a review, or when you order from 5 medical books.

Our contacts:

Mobile Kyivstar – 📱 +38 (068) 930-51-51 (+ Viber / Telegram)

Messengers 📴 💬 +38 (098) 121-32-32 (only Viber and Telegram)

E-mail 📬 – [email protected]

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We accept orders on workdays from 10 to 21. If the order is made after 18:00, delivery postponed to the next day.

And on the weekends with 10 to 18/16 hours. If the order is made on Saturday after 16:00, or Sunday after 15:00, delivery postponed to the next day.

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Our contacts:

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Mobile Kyivstar – 📱 +38 (068) 930-51-51 (Telegram)

Messenger – 📴 💬 +38 (098) 121-32-32 (only Viber and Telegram)

E-mail 📬 – [email protected]

Instagram 📸 –

We accept orders on workdays from 10 to 22. If the order is made after 18:00, delivery postponed to the next day.

And on the weekends with 10 to 18/16 hours. If the order is made on Saturday after 17:00, or Sunday after 15:00, delivery postponed to the next day.

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      Terms of payment and delivery

      We are working at partial or complete prepayment. On delivery new Mail can be issued C.O.D. When ordering from 3 pieces and more obligatory prepayment. You can also pay upon delivery, pickup (cm. conditions below).

      Shipping options:

      • Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by the delivery service "new Mail» (delivery cost of registration of medical books not includes).
      • Courier delivery in Kiev in the metro area (from 10 pieces) – 70 грн.
      • Pickup in Kiev (when ordering from 5 pieces) by agreement - is free.

      New Mail Delivery:

      1. Full prepayment and same day dispatch to 21 o'clock (with PN at PT), and to 18 hours on weekends. Benefit – you save on delivery and get your book faster.
      2. Partial prepayment (or cash on delivery), we make out and send within two working days (with PN at PT) and to 18:00 on weekends. Benefit – you are reinsured, but you wait a little longer and lose money on transferring funds.


      1.(Важно) When ordering a book with an insert, the shipment may be delayed up to three days, because its design requires more time.
      2.(Opt) When ordering from 10 pieces and full prepayment, free delivery.
      3.(Privacy policy) Contacting us through one of their contact forms, you leave us the right to process your personal data.
      4.(Opinion) To get a discount, the review must be well written and extensive (at least 60 words).